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Documentary Film Shirts & T-Shirts for Documentary Filmmakers

Documentary film shirts are more rare than generic fictional filmmaker shirts. So we’ve rounded up some of the greatest documentary film t-shirts in this article. Let’s jump to the list of documentary film shirts!

Documentary Film T-Shirts

the evolution of cinema film t-shirt

The Evolution of Cinema Film Shirt

This documentary film shirt spotlights the evolution of film through tracing cinema camera technology throughout the decades. It starts with an old vintage style movie camera, followed by a bolex, and continued by other cameras, decade by decade up to the present day. It’s a great shirt for documentary filmmakers and movie history enthusiasts.

welcome to the doc side documentary filmmaker t shirt

Welcome to the Doc Side Documentary Filmmaker T-Shirt

Here’s another documentary film shirt that playfully reads “Welcome to the Doc Side” written on an old school cinema clapper. It’s available in several colors: baby blue, red and silver in both men’s and women’s sizes. This is a great funny film shirt for documentary filmmakers.

welcome to the doc side documentary filmmaker t shirt

Documentary Filmmakers Unite – Documentary Film T-Shirt

Here’s a documentary filmmaker shirt that says “Documentary Filmmakers Unite”! The community of documentarians may be small, but we’re mighty and we need to stick together.

This film shirt comes in men’s and women’s sizes in gray, light blue, olive green, and dark gray.

welcome to the doc side documentary filmmaker t shirt

Rock Out With Your Doc Out – Documentary Film Shirt

“Rock Out With Your Doc Out” is a funny shirt for documentary filmmakers with a sense of humor. It features an old school VHS tape with the words on it, so it’s also a great shirt for retro tech enthusiasts. This film shirt will make it clear that you have both a sense of humor and that you’re a documentary film fanatic. Fun!

This documentary film shirt comes in men’s and women’s fits in white, baby blue, red, gray and orange.

nonfiction t shirt

“I Love Documentaries” T-Shirt

Here’s a great documentary film shirt for both filmmakers and documentary film fans alike. This shirt reads “I Love Documentaries” with the word “love” replaced by a heart in the style of those iconic I Heart NY shirts.

Available in both men’s and women’s sizes in white.

nonfiction t shirt

Nonfiction T-Shirt

Whether you’re a fan of nonfiction movies or nonfiction books or journalism, this is a great shirt. It’s not tied to any particular medium but it makes plain your support for good quality nonfiction content.

Broadcast your love of nonfiction content to the world with this nonfiction t-shirt. Makes a great gift as well. Available in men’s and women’s fits.

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