New Doc Classes for the Fall!!!!

Check out the selection of new courses for the Documentary Program.

24 – 2806 Documentary Research
Comprehensive overview of documentary research and pragmatic documentary writing. Critically analyze and evaluate sources and evidence. Develop research protocols and methodology. Conduct primary research resulting in a working hypothesis and leading to a proposal premise. Apply legal and ethical elements to documentary preproduction and preparation.

24 – 2807 Documentary Storytelling
Begins with an overview of the relationships between story and discourse in narrative storytelling. Includes narrative voice and perspective, temporal and spacial arrangements of events and mutual influences between plot and character. These principles are then applied to documentary film. By studying excerpts from existing works, students develop an understanding of narrative approaches to documentary and apply that knowledge to a personal project they wish to develop.

24 – 3820 Topics in Documentary
This production course for advanced documentary students will study and engage in various subgenres of documentary filmmaking. Such topics have included Visualizing the Documentary, The Nature Film Documentary and Cinema Verite. Students may repeat this course as topics change.

This Fall
Sports Documentary
The Family and Home Movie

The following are one credit, two whole day (Friday and Saturday), nuts and bolts classes

24 – 2809 Documentary Production I: Basic Field Production
This intensive workshop gives you a solid grounding in basic documentary field production including a variety of hand-held camera moves and essential three point lighting techniques with minimal equipment. You will develop basic wired and wireless sound recording techniques.

Additional topics include set protocols and crew coordination strategies; checklists and preparation; logging and labeling.

24 – 2815 Documentary Production II
This intensive workshop gives you additional grounding in intermediate documentary field production in a variety of visual strategies, sophisticated three point lighting techniques with advanced equipment.

Additional topics include advanced sound recording techniques, one person crew strategies and production problem solving.

24 – 2811 Producing and Directing the Interview
This intensive course gives you a comprehensive advanced approach to producing and directing interviews in assorted scenarios and venues. You will prepare question banks based on pre-interviews and research. You will practice friendly, adversarial and investigative techniques.

Additional topics include booking, scheduling, visualizing the interview, crew communication, coordination and creative directing for specific styles. Ethics and legal aspects of the interview will be explored.

24 – 2812 The Interview: Lighting, Shooting and Sound Acquisition
This intensive course uses practical hands-on application; you will explore intermediate and advanced approaches to shooting, lighting and acquiring sound for both formal and alternative styles of on-camera interviews

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  1. Great line up, the research and interview classes are going to be so beneficial. Keep updating how the courses are going and if possible post the syllabuses on Peace – mike

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