Would You Like to Document Social Injustice?

Documenting Social Justice is being offered in the Spring 2010 semester.

This is a course that has been offered before and has been revamped. It has been updated so that students can produce media that employs media tools to create social change. 

The course description: 

Documenting Social Injustice* 
Social justice education is both a process and a goal and involves students who have a sense of their own agency as well as a sense of social responsibility toward others and society as a whole. Students become familiar with the range of diversity issues–race, ethnicity, gender, religion, class, etc.–through extensive readings and videos. Class tours several sites of ethnic art, activism, and social justice. Students work in teams on documenting their impressions and comparing the classroom with the experiential with help from experts in the field.

Postings on campus have pictures of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and iWeb icons. Below it says — 

-Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and blog to report on social injustices and LEARN how these modes help affect change. 

-LEARN about the history, aesthetics and production techniques of the media activist

-CREATE a photo essay, blog, website, and short video using WordPress, iWeb, Vimeo, Final Cut Studio, and YouTube to upload short media stories for a global audience

-ACQUIRE basic camera, sound, and lighting skills to create a 3 minute video for the web 

The only prerequisite you need is Culture, Race, and Media. But, if you are interested and are a documentary student and have not taken CRM, you may be able to contact the instructor and try to get in the class. 

There are eight spots left. Don't miss this great class being offered in the Spring.

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  1. Thanks for putting this up and drumming up a fabulous class this spring! We are offering this class for the fall semester of 2010 and it will meet again on Wednesday eves, from 6:30-9:20.

    I would appreciate it very much, if you could post the new fall class here for me. Thank you!


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