Doxita Season 3: Life is a Progress

When: 6:30 pm, Thursday, November 11th

Where: 1130 S. Wabash, Room 407d

What is doxita?
is a traveling festival of documentary films that are under 40 minutes in length.  The program comprised of approximately 80 minutes of film, represents a wide variety of documentary – domestic and foreign, short and longer format, serious and funny.  It is designed to profile the great content and artistic vision that non-fiction short films provide, but that people don't often get a chance to see.

These are the films in the 3rd annual doxita:

Steel Homes (UK, Eva Weber, 10 min.) – Storage lockers provide a holding ground for memories of long-gone loved ones and dreams that still live.  Striking cinematography and sound evoke the minds and personal spaces of average people.

Slaves (Sweden, Hannah Heilborn and David Aronowitsch, 15 min.) – Colorful animation brings alive the tale of two Sudanese youth who were captured for slavery.  The animation and documentary interview technique mask the children’s identity while also creating an engrossing story of survival.

The First Kid to Learn English From Mexico (USA, Peter Jordan, 20 min.) – 9-year-old Pedro Lopez wishes he never left Mexico.  Lush camera and music create this almost-surreal, yet honest and charming portrait of this struggling boy.

12 Notes Down (Denmark, Andreas Koefed, 30 min.) – Jorgis is the star of his boys choir, until the onset of puberty affects what he loves most: his ability to sing.  This beautifully tender portrait follows the journey of a young man facing the need to leave his old identity behind.