How did your registration process go? Doc students weigh in

Ah, registration for classes next semester. Columbia students’ experiences range from fun to stressful, and that’s when Oasis is up and working properly, which isn’t often. Here are what some docsters had to say about their experience this year:

Viva Docster Mary H. said: “I think my registration process went well… I can’t really say since as a second semester Grad student we don’t have any choices on what classes we want to take. We are locked in to all are classes for the first year and a half of school. So if anything my registration process was flawless and stress free!”

Viva Doctster Michael W. said: “Overall, registration went well. I enrolled in Doc 2 and Producing the doc. I wish Visualizing the Doc was offered in the Spring. I think that class is probably better taken before rather than after Doc 2. Also, I wish History of the Doc wasn’t in between Doc 2 and Producing the Doc on Wednesday. If I signed up for all three I think my brain would be so fried by the end of the day I wouldn’t be getting my money’s worth. ”

Viva Docster Adora W-E. said: “It went pretty badly. Since the school enacted this new ‘pay all before you register’ policy, I’ve struggled to register in time. My loan check bounced because my bank didn’t tell me I needed two signatures. I had to get a legal copy of the check, send it to my parents, get them to sign it, and then send it back. It took a week for the check to clear, and so by the time I registered for classes, way after my sign-up date, I lost spots in a bunch of classes. Ugh!”

Viva Docster Karl G. said: “My registration experience this semester was super easy. I had a hold on my account but I got it removed well before my registration time because I checked it early. I also picked out a rough schedule before my registration time. By doing so I was able to get a seat in all the classes that I wanted! Amazing how a little pre-planning can make things so much easier.”

Did you have trouble getting into the documentary classes you wanted to sign up for? Did everything go flawlessly? Please feel free to leave a comment on how your documentary registration process went for spring 2009 classes.