The Scoop on Viva Doc Small Groups

VivaDocsters, doc lovers, filmmakers, Columbia students, staff, faculty and alumni:
VivaDoc is thrilled to announce the formation of Small Groups for people interested in making, screening, and talking about docs within the context of small groups. Whether you’re looking for support in completing your own project, want to collaborate on making a group doc, or are looking to watch docs with other doc lovers, we probably have a group for you!

Production Groups (4-5 members)

Finishing Group: This group is designed for filmmakers with principal photography completed on a documentary. Group will focus on the post-production process, providing feedback with cuts, and looking at press packets, festivals and distribution.

Idea Generation: Want to talk about ideas for documentaries? This group will focus on brainstorming and pre-production. The group could continue into the development stage with treatments, outlines, and so forth, but could also just be an idea-generatin’ good time.

The Three Ps (Pre-Pro/Production/Post): This group is for anyone with a documentary that they are working on in any stage. It will focus on looking at members’ work (written and moving) and encouraging one another through feedback. Members may bring in ideas, loglines, proposals, treatments, budgets, scripts, rushes, rough cuts, i.e., the whole works!

Let’s Make A Doc! This group will take on the challenge of making a doc together. If you’re not currently enrolled in a doc class, or are looking to collaborate on a new project, this could be the group for you!

Screening Groups (4-10 members)

Short Docs Screening Group: This is a chance to watch one, two, or several short documentaries with a small group of people and enjoy discussion of the films. Members may be willing to do a little research on a film and present it, or the filmmaker, to the group. Short Docs could include films in the in-between 60 min. length.

Feature Docs Screening Group: Here is an opportunity to screen and discuss longer works with a group of doc lovers: Bring a list of docs you’d love to see to the first meeting and brainstorm your ideal screening list! Feature Docs could include films in the in-between 60 min. length.

Obscure Docs Screening Group: Do you love the rarest, weirdest, least-heard-of docs ever? This is the screening group for you. Be prepared for strangeness.

Note: Depending on interest, screening groups may be consolidated. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know!

How, When, Where?

Email VivaDoc at with the group(s) you are interested in, your Spring schedule (let us know the blocks when you can’t meet), and your name, phone number and preferred email address. We will connect you with your group and send guidelines for getting started!

Small groups will run in conjunction with the Spring Semester (beginning in mid-January) and will meet every two weeks, unless the group decides otherwise. Current and former Columbia students, staff and faculty are welcome to join.