Directed by: Robert Kenner Length: 1 hour 34 minutes Development to Distribution: 6 years Shot on: Panasonic HDX900 & HDX200 The most prevalent metaphor employed throughout the film is that of a veil: one fashioned by the food industry giants to be drawn between the consumer and the source ofRead More →

If you’re a Doc student taking a production class beyond Doc I, you have two camera options: the Sony DSR-300 series and the PD-150/170. They are both rock solid cameras in their class, and deciding between the two isn’t always easy. I’ll gloss over the differences in each camera lineRead More →

Since Larry Charles and Bill Maher’s new “documentary” about religion is so shamelessly polemical, I think it’s fitting for my review to match its pitiless contempt.  Make no mistake, Religulous is an ill-conceived, poorly crafted film through and through.  There are scenes when the film lives up to its promiseRead More →