Bob Seger Rocks Big Screen!!!

Timothy Tamisiea will represent the Viva Doc this Thursday with the only documentary to be accepted into Big Screen 13. Timmy was kind enough to share a rough cut with us at the end of last semester and, just like in real life, everyone there was touched by little Luke Casey. Come show support for this MFA Doc 1 and make sure to cast your vote for the Doc Side!

Luke Casey appears to be a normal 12 year-old. He loves Curious
George, throwing football with his friends, playing the drums and
listening to his hero, Bob Seger. It's hard to believe that Luke was
born with hydrocephalus, a condition where the fluid gets trapped in
the skull. With his brain being crushed, Luke's parents were told he
wouldn't survive past 6 months. Luke's loving, strong family and an
his incredible courage has helped him beat the odds. Although he has
undergone 23 brain surgeries, suffers hemoplasia (a weakness in the
left side of his body) and is legally blind, Luke still touches the
lives of everyone who meets him.

Big Screen 13, Thursday, April 23 at 7 pm, Film Row Cinema, 1104 S. Wabash, 8th Floor

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  1. I’m planning on attending the Big Screen 13. Anyone else?

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