Conducting an interview for a documentary film can be difficult for a new documentary filmmaker, and there are many mistakes that new documentarians make. Getting a bad interview can result in unusable footage or create headaches in post-production as you try to cobble your footage together in a way thatRead More →

documentary film shirt

Documentary film shirts are more rare than generic fictional filmmaker shirts. So we’ve rounded up some of the greatest documentary film t-shirts in this article. Let’s jump to the list of documentary film shirts! Documentary Film T-Shirts The Evolution of Cinema Film Shirt This documentary film shirt spotlights the evolutionRead More →

It’s often worth watching documentaries that suck in order to learn what not to do as a filmmaker. While watching the 2004 documentary “The End of Suburbia” (available on Netflix but don’t bother) several lessons occurred to me. Here’s my new list of what not to do in my ownRead More →

When it comes to labeling your camera originals, the key is having a consistent format. How do award-winning local nonfiction production houses like Chicago’s own Towers Productions label their tapes? Towers has a huge on-site archive, and they’ve got thousands of tapes to keep track of, so you better believe they’ve got a coherent labeling system.Read More →