Help us kickoff the International Student Documentary Competition 2010 with a screening of past winners! SHOUTBACK looking back and moving forward Friday, March 5th 1104 S. Wabash Ave Chicago, IL 60605 Reception : 6.00pm, Rm 407 Screening : 6.30pm – 8.00pm, Rm 402Read More →

Join us for a discussion with directors and producers from the Kartemquin series, The New Americans. To celebrate the rebroadcasting of the groundbreaking series, They've agreed to share some of their knowledge with us on the Viva Documentary Forums. The series will air as part of Global Voices on SundaysRead More →

Jose from The New Americans
I couldn’t agree more with Kartemquin’s claim that The New Americans intimately connects viewers to its subjects. This was the first series that I’d seen that was able to follow immigrant families from their home countries to the United StatesRead More →

Check out the selection of new courses for the Documentary Program. 24 – 2806 Documentary Research Comprehensive overview of documentary research and pragmatic documentary writing. Critically analyze and evaluate sources and evidence. Develop research protocols and methodology. Conduct primary research resulting in a working hypothesis and leading to a proposalRead More →

Join us for The Doc Center's 20th Anniversary Bash! Wednesday, April 29th, 4:00pm – 7:00pm 1104 S Wabash Ave, Rm 407, The Michael Rabiger Center for Documentary Come celebrate the past, present and future of Columbia's innovative center for documentary filmmaking! 4:00pm: Food, games, friends, and fun! 5:00pm: A PanelRead More →

Timothy Tamisiea will represent the Viva Doc this Thursday with the only documentary to be accepted into Big Screen 13. Timmy was kind enough to share a rough cut with us at the end of last semester and, just like in real life, everyone there was touched by little LukeRead More →

My thesis project, Untitled DREAM Act Film, is transitioning from casual pre-production to real pre-production. What does that mean? It means that it’s time to stop playing around and start working on this film. One way that I thought of to do this was to talk to someone who hasRead More →

In honor of the the end of the NFL season and the beginning of February, I want to share some video that I captured at True/False last year. Some of you may have heard me raving about a film called Bigger, Stronger, Faster, about America’s obsession with steroids. Well, IRead More →

January 17th, 2009, at 8:00 pm, Chicago Filmmakers Proudly Presents: SENATOR OBAMA GOES TO AFRICA THE MAN WHO WOULD BE PRESIDENT RETURNS TO HIS AFRICAN ROOTS Director Bob Hercules, Director of Photography Keith Walker, and Editor Melissa Sterne in Person! Located at 5243 N. Clark St. in Andersonville. Single admissionRead More →